Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Dearest friends, would like to wish all of u Happy New Year 2012, let's fulfill this year by being healthy. Get a medical checkup done, minimum just height and weight, calculate your BMI, at least make sure its <30. At least, u won't be carrying the risk of obesity ie. hypertension, diabetes, heart disease. If you ever need help with weight reduction, my door is always open, I'm keen to share with you the success stories of my patients. I have no magic pills, again its the basic diet and exercise, may seem plain simple to some but its the REAL answer to weight reduction and maintenance. Pure simple explaination of science, once you understand how things works in your body, it all makes perfect sense. Let's all stay healthy, our kids need us, our family needs us, our collegues need us. We have lost many many friends this year, at very young age, and true "life and death is beyond our control", but we can do something as long as we are alive. Do it for yourself and not others. I am not writing to promote my clinic, I'm writing because I may be of help....keep an open mind, do knock on my door, I will help in whichever way I can, insyaAllah... Checkout and learn how ustaz hasrizal did it.
All you need is plan, determination, self motivation, prayers and execute...if your intention is good, insyaAllah it will work. Remember: lose weight, gain life! Goodluck everyone, stay healthy, happy new year, moga panjang umur, rezeki berlimpah ruah, yang penting happy dan diberkati Allah...amin

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