Thursday, January 27, 2011

D6-7 hcg protocol

Beef Soup

Garden Salad without dressing

Panfried Tenderloin half portion with vegetable

Day 6 on the programme, I had panfried tenderloin steak (half portion) for lunch with garden salad. Dinner I had beef soup, with green apple and strawberries for dessert.

These were my measurements: weight dropped 0.4kg, BMI dropped 0.2, and fat loss of 0.19kg

Day 7 on the programme, my measurements were: weight dropped another 0.4kg, BMI dropped by 0.1, fat loss of 0.355. At one week, weight reduction of 3kg, that's where I want to be. I can fit into size 8 pants, hoping to go a little more.....
In the old days, during our greatgrandfather time, chronic diseases such as Diabetes or Hypertension, or Hypercholesterolemia was unheard of. Most of them die young before the 5th decade of their life due to infectious diseases, diseases that can easily be treated with antibiotics now. Its now not uncommon to hear of people dying young before the 3rd decade of their life due to chronic illnesses, most commonly hypertension or heart attack secondary to high cholesterol. All of these, the main risk factor remains to be OBESITY. In my 11 years practising as a doctor, I quite frequently see hypertension occuring in the early 20's, most of these patients are obese. Most of them have always been obese, even during chilhood. What have we as parents been feeding these children?? Fast food is very cheap & easily reachable, even if you can't go to the restaurant, they will deliver to you, even at extra cost, its not a problem.
Recently, I have heard of a 29 year-old who died of Hypertensive crisis, another 32 year-old who is in the ICU with Hypertensive Coma. Its sad to hear stories like that, at such a young age, when you are in the limelight of your career. Hypertension can also lead to Hypertensive Bleed leading to Stroke, and if survived, will be crippled....Being obese is a risk for almost every disease. Even if you have a flu, you can easily succumb to the illness just by being obese. It puts a lot of stress on the respiratory system, and being obese your lung function is not going to be great. Just think about the people you are going to leave behind, your significant other, your it for them if not for yourself. Lose the extra and live a healthy life....

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