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Hair Loss Solution : Foltene and IGrow Laser

In the majority of cases, hair loss begins with the shortening of the growth phase of the hair (Anagen): an increasing number of hairs enter into the falling phase (Telogen) prematurely and as a result they begin to fall earlier than expected. Hairs become thinner and shorter. The hair follicles also tend to reduce in size. This miniaturisation phenomenon causes thinning of the hair and eventually, in some cases, true baldness occurs.
This phenomenon is called Alopecia and its causes differ between men and women:
The male problem
Hair loss in man (androgenic alopecia) is quite common and occurs in a high incidence of cases: over 80% of the male population suffers from this problem, even if in some cases more evidently than in others. Very often, hair fall is hereditary (programmed in the DNA genetic code) and is localised in certain areas of the head such as the sides, the front and the top. The principal cause is linked to the action of androgen hormones: the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone by means of the enzyme 5-a-reductase, in people with a predisposition to baldness, leads to a progressive decrease in cellular activity within the follicle, which interferes with the bulb’s capacity of generating a new Anagen phase. Other aggravating factors such as stress, fatigue, diets, dandruff and seborrhoea, weaken the hair and help accelerate its fall.
The problem of hair loss in women
In women, only in some cases (approx. 30%) the principal cause of hair fall is due to the action of hormones. More often the determining factors are: psychophysic stress, pregnancy, breastfeeding, diets or poor eating habits, external aggressions such as inappropriate hair treatments, strong brushings, perms, dyes, pollution. All these factors influence the health of hair and its folliclle. Progressively the hair loses its natural vitality and generates thinner and weaker hair, leading in many cases to hair fall.

1. External, or visible, part called stem or shaft. It has a long, thin cylinder shape formed by overlapping cells, tied together and made up of three layers:
  • the midolla: the internal layer, or the "soul" of the hair. It has a spongy consistency and is formed by a number of cells placed one beside the other, in rows separated by air spaces.
  • the cortex: the second layer made up of cells containing keratin and melanin, the pigment that gives colour to the hair.
  • the cuticle: the external, visible, layer consisting in a layer of scale shaped cells, made up of keratin, interlocked like roof tiles, enclosing the midolla and the cortex. The cuticle is the key-layer of the stem. In fact, it has the function of covering and protecting the internal layers. A healthy cuticle has compact scales and consequently the hair is shiny and soft to touch.
2. Internal part, placed in a cavity called hair follicle or pilo-sebaceous follicle made up of:
  • The root: the portion of hair "immersed" into the superior part of the follicle.
  • The bulb: the deepest part of the hair follicle with an enlarged ovoid shape. All the germinate activity leading to the construction of the hair structure has its headquarters here.
  • The matrix or the papilla: the vital zone at the base of the bulb. The papilla, in fact, rich in blood vessels that bring oxygen and nourishment to the bulb, reproduces the germinal cells that slowly push upward the ones originated previously; during this upward climb, these cells develop keratin, they progressively harden and model the different structural parts of the hair (cuticle, cortex and midolla). Immediately above the matrix cells we find melanocytes that produce melanin, the pigment that determines hair colour.
  • The sebaceous gland: located beside the follicle, it produces sebum, a fatty substance that nourishes and lubricates the scales to give shine and elasticity to hair. Furthermore, the sebum, together with perspiration, contributes to the formation of they hydro-lipidic film, an aqueous emulsion in oil that protects the cutaneous surface from external aggressions.
  • The pilo-erector muscle: positioned obliquely at the side of the sebaceous gland, it has the function of emptying it, by means of compression. Furthermore, it guarantees the maintenance of normal pH (5.5) and good skin hydration and elasticity.
Health and beauty of hair are directly dependent on the functional state of the hair follicle and the microcirculation system of the dermal layer.

An adult person normally has between 100.000 and 150.000 hairs that continuously renew themselves. A person normally loses between 50 and 100 hairs a day, but the total number of hairs remains more or less constant. The life of the hair proceeds in cycles, divided into three phases:

Anagen (a growing or active phase)Catagen (a resting phase)
Telogen (or falling phases)


Discovered in 1966 by the Crinos (Foltene's mother company) research group while carrying out tolerability tests on an active ingredient for arteriosclerosis: during testing, the researchers discovered that one of the components present had trichogenic activity (growth of hair). Further extensive testing led to the definition and identification of the substance, a particular mixture of natural mucopolysaccharides, which was given the name ofTricosaccaride ®. The composition, method of extraction and purification of this active ingredient are exclusive of Foltene Laboratories S.p.A. Because of its complexity,Tricosaccaride® is prepared, tested and controlled following the same methods used for pharmaceutical products.

Mucopolysaccharides or glycosaminoglycans are normal components of the organism and in particular of the connective tissue. Even though the importance of their presence in the hair follicle is not completely clear, the fact remains that the greater the activity of the follicle in the Anagen phase (growth), the greater the quantity of mucopolysaccharides, while in the Catagen (resting) and Telogen phase (fall) their quantity tends to decrease significantly. The quantitative fluctuations found in the various phases of hair growth can only be strictly related to trichogenesis itself which, as demonstrated by numerous trials, is greatly stimulated by mucopolysaccharides.
To better understand the action of Tricosaccaride®, it is important to know the function that mucopolysaccharides have in the organism: mucopolysaccharides improve blood circulation, reduce the concentration of lipids in the blood and protect vessels. Substantially, this means an improvement in the condition of blood circulation and consequently an overall improvement in celllular and tissue trophism. Clinical trials conducted have shown that mucopolysaccharides are active also when applied topically to the scalp. We can therefore say that Tricosaccaride®, composed essentially of mucopolysaccharides, positively influences local blood circulation at the level of the scalp, improves cellular and tissue exchange thus bringing a greater amount of nutritive elements to the hair, while at the same time removing waste products normally produced in the hair follicle.

The activity of Tricosaccaride® has been extensively demonstrated by numerous clinical trials carried out in Italy and in other countries: starting from 1980, 37 clinical trials have been conducted on a total of 1297 subjects, by means of instrumental evaluation (trichogram, phototrichogram, pull test) clinical as well as subjective patient evaluation.Results of these tests have confirmed that Tricosaccaride®: improves the condition of the hair follicle, promotes hair growth (it increases the number of hairs in the Anagen phase) and prevents hair fall (reduces the number of hairs in the Telogen phase).

Tricosaccaride® does not penetrate the tissues surrounding the follicle and is proven to have no side effects: its action takes place only at the level of the hair follicle and the surface skin layer

The photograph shows a cross section of the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues after Tricosaccaride® application. Tricosaccaride® was marked with a fluorescent dye and the photograph shows that penetration occurred only on the surface of the skin and inside the hair follicle (coloured area), not in the surrounding tissues (black area). 


During the nineties, Foltene Laboratories began another research study aimed at identifying a new active principle of vegetal origin for the cure of alopecia, in alternative toTricosaccaride®. In 2001 the new active ingredient called Tricalgoxyl® is patented.Tricalgoxyl® is a mixture of polysaccharides belonging to the Kelp Sulphated Olygosaccharide family, extracted from different types of brown algae (Fucus Vesiculosus and Ascophyllum Nodosum) grown and collected offshore the Isle of Ouessant (Bretagne - France). In 1989 this area was classified a UNESCO Natural Reserve.

The extraction and purification process adopted to obtain the active substance from these algae is done following very strict local environmental regulations in force, that assure extremely high levels of activity and tolerability to Tricalgoxyl®. Thanks to its particular characteristics, Tricalgoxyl® is today the active ingredient of the Foltene Laboratories Special for Women product line.

Results of clinical trials based both on instrumental and subjective evaluations have proven that Tricalgoxyl® restores the normal life cycle of the hair: 
  • Increases the number of hairs in the Anagen (growth) phase
  • Decreases the number of hairs in the Telogen (falling) phase
  • Increases the length and resistance of the hair

Action:  A single dose attack treatment based on the synergic action ofTRICOSACCARIDE®, hair loss active ingredient exclusive of Foltene Pharma Laboratories and a REVITALIZING & NOURISHING COMPLEX:
  • TRICOSACCARIDE® stimulates the natural regrowth of hair, strengthens it and normalises its life cycle. It improves the biological functions of the scalp (blood microcirculation, intra-cellular exchanges), while contributing at the same time to the elimination of waste material produced by the hair follicle.
  • REVITALIZING & NOURISHING COMPLEX: a mixture of vitamins and minerals that provides to hair and shaft the appropriate nutrients:

    Vitamin A: improves hair elasticity
    Vitamin B5: hair growth action
    Vitamin C: antioxidant
    Vitamin E: antioxidant
    Vitamin PP (B3 or niacin): improves microcirculation on the shaft and maintains healthy skin
    Aminoacids: nourishing action and contribution to keratine creation
  • Zanthin: potent antioxidant of natural origin. Eliminates the negative activity of free radicals, it is 500 times more potent than vitamin E as an antioxidant, reduces irritation to the hair shaft, prevents bulb aging. 
Clinical trials have proven that FOLTENE PHARMA HAIR & SCALP TREATMENT:
  • Increases the number of hairs in the growth phase (Anagen)
  • Decreases the quantity of hairs in the fall phase (Telogen)
  • Increases the length and the resistance of the hair, giving it youth and vitality
Frequency of use:       Use at the first signs of weakening of the hair and/or hair loss.
Attack phase: 3 bottles per week for two months.
Maintenance phase: 2 bottles per week for 6 weeks.
The duration of the treatment is to be evaluated on the basis of the results obtained.
The preparation has been dermatologically tested and its complete tolerability allows for use even over long periods, if necessary.
The treatment should be repeated at least twice a year (spring and fall)
Each box allows one month of treatment.
The treatment can be applied both to wet (after shampoo) or dry hair.
Box content: 100 ml (12 single dose bottles)
RECOMMENDATIONS: Application of Foltene Pharma Hair & Scalp Treatment  may cause a localised reddening of the skin (due to the presence of a vasodilator to stimulate blood circulation); this is a normal reaction and it will disappear within a few minutes
  • Avoid contact with the eyes. Should this occur, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water
  • Do not apply the product in case of lesions on the scalp


A complete hair loss program to promote natural hair growth:

Action: A single dose attack treatment based on the synergic action ofTRICALGOXYL®, hair loss active ingredient exclusive of Foltene Pharma Laboratories and a BIOMINERAL COMPLEX:
  • TRICALGOXYL® stimulates the growth of hair, normalises the life cycle of the hair and restores the natural physiological balance of the scalp.
  • NOURISHING BIOMINERAL COMPLEX: seaweed extracts: Asparagopsis Armata, Himanthalia Elongata, Undaria Pinnatifida. Rich in mineral salts essential to a woman’s organism: calcium,potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc. Restoration of the minerals to normal concentration levels and nutrition of the hair.
  Clinical tests show that FOLTENE PHARMA HAIR & SCALP TREATMENT:
  • Increases the quantity of hairs in the growing phase (Anagen)
  • Decreases the quantity of hairs in the falling phase (Telogen)
  • Increases the length and resistance of the hair giving it strength, volume and shine.
Frequency of use:   Use at the first signs of weakening of the hair and/or hair loss.
Attack phase: 1 bottle every other day for two months.
Maintenance phase: 2 bottles per week for one month.
The duration of the treatment is to be evaluated on the basis of the results obtained.
The preparation has been dermatologically tested and its complete tolerability allows for use even over long periods, if necessary.
The treatment should be repeated at least twice a year (spring and fall)
Each box allows one month of treatment.
The treatment can be applied both to wet (after shampoo) or dry hair.

Box content: 100 ml (12 single dose bottles)

RECOMMENDATIONS: Avoid contact with the eyes. Should this occur, rince thoroughly with plenty of water 
  • Do not apply the product in case of lesions on the scalp

iGrow atasi masalah botak

MASALAH rambut gugur sememangnya menjejaskan penampilan diri. Bukan sahaja wanita, masalah itu turut menghantui kaum lelaki. Percaya atau tidak, lebih 10 juta penduduk dunia mengalami masalah keguguran rambut. Sebab itu rawatan masalah botak menjadi umpama industri yang berkembang pesat.
Pelbagai tawaran di pasaran untuk mengatasi masalah keguguran rambut. Begitu juga dengan penghasilan pelbagai produk di pasaran. Namun hasilnya belum dapat dipastikan.
Seorang wanita pernah mengadu berbelanja hampir RM10,000 untuk merangsang pertumbuhan rambutnya. Tetapi usahanya sia-sia. Sehingga sekarang dia masih mengalami masalah keguguran rambut malah sebahagian kepalanya kini botak.
Punca keguguran rambut
Genetik, hormon, persekitaran, stres, diet dan aktiviti harian boleh menjadi punca rambut gugur. Penyelesaian biasa adalah dengan mengambil vitamin seperti riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), biotin dan zink. Malah senaman juga membantu merangsang pertumbuhan rambut. Namun masalah keguguran rambut tidak mudah diselesaikan dengan mengambil vitamin atau membeli syampu yang pelbagai di pasaran.
Menurut Dr. Nurhalina Azly Minhat, bagi individu bermasalah, rambut baru yang tumbuh selalunya nipis dan tidak tahan lama seperti rambut bayi. Sebab itu, peringkat pertama menyaksikan rambut tumbuh tetapi kemudiannya gugur semula. Keadaan itu juga disebabkan kulit kepala yang tidak sihat.
Kekurangan hormon yang menyebabkan keguguran rambut (DHT) bagi lelaki dan ketidakseimbangan hormon di kalangan wanita menyebabkan folikel menghasilkan anak rambut yang nipis.
``Begitu juga masalah pengaliran darah ke folikel yang berkurangan menyumbang kepada keguguran rambut,’’ kata pemilik Timeless Anti-Aging & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic itu.
Selain pusat rawatan dan lambakan produk untuk rambut sihat, teknologi turut menawarkan kaedah terkini bagi mengatasi masalah keguguran rambut.
Apatah lagi perkembangan rawatan menggunakan laser yang begitu pesat tidak mengetepikan ciptaan untuk merangsang pertumbuhan rambut di kalangan individu bermasalah.
iGrow antara teknologi laser terkini yang hampir setahun berada di pasaran dan mendapat sambutan orang ramai yang mahukan penyelesaian kepada masalah tersebut.
Menggunakan terapi cahaya tahap rendah (LLLT), teknologi dari Amerika Syarikat (AS) itu terbukti berupaya merangsang pertumbuhan rambut sekali gus mengatasi masalah botak.
Menariknya tentang peralatan seakan topi keledar itu adalah ia mudah digunakan serta boleh dibawa ke mana-mana. Ini bermakna anda tidak perlu mengunjungi salon rambut untuk menjalani rawatan sebaliknya dengan iGrow, rawatan boleh dilakukan pada bila-bila masa.
Hanya dengan pasangkan iGrow di kepala, hidupkan suis, LLLT kemerahan akan melakukan kerja-kerja merawat kulit kepala. Dengan gelombang sekitar 655 ke 670 nanometer, kaji selidik mendapati aktiviti selular di dalam folikel meningkat.
Terapi LLL menyebabkan sel-sel dalam folikel aktif dan saling merangsang untuk membolehkan rambut tumbuh seperti biasa.
Menarik tentang iGrow, rawatan bersesuaian dengan gaya hidup masa kini. Tiga sesi rawatan seminggu (selang sehari) selama tiga bulan menjanjikan masalah keguguran rambut tidak lagi menghantui anda. Bagi mereka yang tidak bermasalah, iGrow boleh digunakan seminggu sekali untuk memastikan kulit kepala, folikel rambut sihat.
Harga di pasaran antara RM2,500 dan RM3,000. Dibandingkan dengan rawatan di salon, tentunya iGrow lebih memuaskan kerana jangka hayatnya yang lama selain boleh digunakan seisi keluarga. Untuk keterangan lanjut hubungi Timeless di 03-78808486 dan 017-2661868 atau kunjungi klinik-klinik estetik. iGrow dibawa oleh NeoAsia (M) Sdn. Bhd.



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