Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Aknicare : Antiacne skincare

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Introdcing the NEW Aknicare® Chest and Back

Aknicare Chest and Back
Aknicare Chest and Back is a unique combination of three key ingredients which target all the causes of back acne in a pump spray presentation. The three ingredients have been proven to reduce inflamed and non inflamed spots and blackheads week on week of use.
Clinical studies published in the British Journal of Dermatology show less and less new spots emerged each week of use and old spots disappeared quickly. Oil production rates were reduced by up to 68% with an average of 53%.

Preparatory Acne Treatment - Aknicare® Cleanser
Aknicare CleanserAknicare RemoverAknicare® Cleanser can help alleviate some of your visible acne problems but on its own is not the complete acne solution. Aknicare® Cleanser is an exfoliating anti bacterial wash to remove surface oil and debris and to help control acne bacteria.

Active Acne Treatment - Aknicare® Lotion & Aknicare® Cream

aknicare lotionWhichever preparatory product you use, to achieve effective acne management, you really need to follow up with Aknicare® Lotion and Aknicare® Cream which are designed to alter the underlying skin sensitivity to the hormone that triggers the acne-forming process while also restoring linoleic acid levels, which deplete as a result of this sensitivity. At the same time they will work in combination and change the environment in the skin to:
- Slow oil production, not just wash away oil on the surface
- Normalise skin thickness by slowing down cell turnover rates which speeds up when the skin becomes sensitive.
- Reduce the particular bacteria that inflame the blocked hair follicles to cause the spot, but without attacking your good skin bacteria and risking developing resistant super bugs, which antibiotics have a tendency to do.
- Calm and sooth inflammation caused as a direct result of the acne bacteria and the body's response to the damage it causes.
These are the four key visible features of acne. Underlying hormone sensitivity causes the skin and sebum to lose linoleic acid which causes the skin to produce more oil, speed up skin cell turnover causing thicker skin and more skin debris. These two things cause the hair follicle to become blocked, creating conditions where acne bacteria can colonise and grow, causing inflammation and spots. The three product Aknicare® system reverses this process, reducing spots quickly and, used twice a day over 2 months, retrains the skin to provide a blemish free environment. Always follow Aknicare® Lotion with Aknicare® Cream for optimum results. Aknicare® only influences hormone sensitivity where you apply it, so does not have the side effects some experience with Roaccutane, such as mood swings and depression.

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