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Papulex Skincare For Acne Prone Skin

PapulexTM  is a specially formulated line of products that keeps acne-prone skin in good condition through cleansing, treating and protecting. Well-supported by clinical studies, PapulexTM is proven to be effective in preventing acne with the Power of 3 active ingredients Nicotinamide, Anti-Bacterial Adhesive (ABA) substances and Zinc PCA. 
EU-patented technology, ABA is uniquely found in PapulexTM and works to inhibit and block proliferation of p.acnes bacteria to eliminate blemishes. Nicotinamide reduces inflammation and Zinc PCA helps to decrease sebum secretion.
Non-comedogenic and non-photosensitizing, PapulexTM is well tolerated for long-term use and can be used alone or in combination with conventional acne treatments. Available as Moussant Soap-Free Cleansing Gel, Oil-free Cream and the Isocorrexion Hydrating Cream, PapulexTM offers a complete daily management for acne-prone skin.
Papulex is currently available in Timeless Clinic and Klinik Lina

PAPULEX GEL & Skin Cleanser
To be used with
·   Bad skin
·   Tendency towards acne (Puberty, pregnancy, periodical acne)
·   Folliculitis after shaving
Some people only have trouble with bad skin during puberty others, on the other hand, suffer from this phenomena their whole life. PAPULEX can find a remedy for everyone who is affected. This cosmetic that helps with bad skin contains 4% nicotinamide (vitamin B3 complex), that acts as a topical anti-inflammatory and is as effective as an antibiotic but as sensible as a lotion.  When applied twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, PAPULEX shows a clear improvement of the appearance of the skin with the majority of users after eight weeks. This is proven by a randomised double blind study.
PAPULEX  does not dry out the skin, there is no danger of resistance and can also be applied with solar irradiation.
In the first step the skin is cleaned thoroughly and carefully with the skin cleanser. Due to a pH-value of 5.5 it is suitable for daily cleansing of the affected skin areas. Infections are inhibited and the skin appears a lot better. The skin is optimally prepared for the following application of  PAPULEX Gel. This should be applied on the affected skin parts twice a day.
PAPULEX is especially suitable for the care of the skin during shaving. Apply the skin cleanser before shaving and put the gel immediately after on the shaved parts. This way, irritating shaving spots do not even appear. (Also suitable for the bikini area and arm pits) 

Papulex Oil Free Cream
Cleansing, Hypoallergenic, Moisturising, Skin Care, Creams

Description of the Papulex Range of Products.
Papulex is an innovative range of anti-acne products that has a three way action to help calm, control and clear acne-prone skin.  The Papulex range is a complete daily regimen to help acne- prone skin and can be used either alone or in combination with other acne products.

How can Papulex help combat acne?
Papulex is specially formulated for acne-prone skin. Papulex contains three key ingredients; Nicotinamide, to calm red and irritated skin, Zinc PCA to help control oily skin and maintain the skin in good condition and an antibacterial substance (ABA) to help clear blemishes. The three ingredients work together to help calm, control and clear acne-prone skin.

Papulex Oil Free Cream, 40ml
Helps clear blemishes by promoting oil-free skin
Moisturises the skin and reduces shine appearance.
• Non comedogenic
• Fragrance free
• Mattifies the skin reducing shine appearance
• Can be used day and night
• Dermatologically tested

Contains:  4% Nicotinamide, 1% ABA (antibacterial substance) and 1% Zinc PCA.
Apply to the face and affected areas (neck, chest and back) after cleansing twice a day morning and night with the Papulex Moussant Soap Free Cleansing Gel. Massage gently to facilitate absorption.

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Papulex Isocorrexion Hydrating Cream
Creams, Moisturising, Skin Care


Papulex Isocorrexion Hydrating Cream, 50ml.

Helps to clear skin blemishes and moisturises the skin. Suitable for very dry acne-prone skin.
Papulex  Isocorrexion Hydrating Cream is specially formulated for acne-prone skin. Nicotinamide calms red and irritated skin and ABA (antibacterial substance) helps clear blemishes. Biophytosebum provides a moisturising effect, reducing dryness and skin tightness that may be caused by conventional acne treatments.
  • Non comedogenic
  • Enhanced moisturising
  • Reduces skin tightness
  • Ideal for very dry skin
  • Dermatologically tested
Contains: 4% Nicotinamide, 1% ABA (antibacterial substance) and 1% Zinc PCA.
Apply to the face and affected areas (neck, chest and back) after cleansing twice a day morning and night with the Papulex Moussant Soap Free Cleansing Gel. Massage gently to facilitate absorption.


  1. Thanks for the info. How does it work compared to prescription treatments like Benzoyl Peroxide, Metronidazole, Sodium Sulfacetamide etc.

    1. Papulex range is a skincare for acne prone, its for skin maintainence regime. Its different from prescription medications which are used to treat acne rather than prevention. However, most doctors will use both hand in hand for better control of acne. Tq

  2. Hi about to use this product..I just buy them at the nearest clinic but they only sold me the cleanser and oil free cream.Does the hydrating cream important?

    1. you can use the cleanser and oil free cream, should the skin gets very dry, then hydrating cream may be necessary

  3. The oil free cream is for oily skiN, the Isocorrexion cream is for dry skin or if you are using Papulex in addition to something that is drying out your skin!

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  5. can a man use this product or only for woman?

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  7. Papulex is also suitable for men

  8. today's my 5th day of using papulex. my face's peeling and lots of pimples coming out, i didn't use to have like these. What am i going to do?

  9. Hi Kimy, this could be temporary, try to reduce the amount of oil free cream used and use more of the hydrating cream

  10. May i know how can i get this product? I am frm Tawau, Sabah.

    1. Hi, we can post it to you, delivery charge is only rm20 for Sabah. Kindly email all your details to or call clinic at 0378808486, tq

  11. hi,

    is it safe to use papulex gel during pregnancy+

    1. Hi, there is no study done in pregnant ladies, however I have used it in my pregnant patients without any side-effects on both mom and babies

    2. I am using papulex Cleanser and oil free cream about 1 week, my face turn out red, tight and itchy. Should I continue?

    3. Hi Wendy, it is possible that u may have developed dryskin or allergies towards the product. I would advise you to stop for a few days and try again, this time only with the cleanser first.

  12. Hi,

    im not sure how to get to your it possible if i want to order by on9 ? and how much wil b the fee ?
    i am staying at seri kembangan,selangor.

  13. Hi elaine, yes of course u can, what do u need? Cleanser is rm85, oil free cream is rm75. We will post it to you. Please let me know what u need. We need your fullname, address and phone number. U can transfer payment to maybank: em el smarthealth enterprise 512352316338
    Just add rm10 for poslaju, tq

  14. Can i use papulex oil-free cream in morning and go out in the sun after that?

  15. Also can i replace Papulex Oil-free cream by Papulex Isocorrexion to use in day time? Thanks

  16. Thank you for sharing and keep posting a more post on skin clinic delhi

  17. Hello. I was diagnosed with rosacea by a dermatologist. May I know if Papulex Cleansing Gel is suitable for me ? I'm afraid the cleansing gel may be too harsh for my skin. Thank you.

  18. Hi, can Papulex hydrating cream be used together with tretinoin cream?

  19. I already using papulex cleansing gel and oil free cream about 2 months now, and it realy work on me. I used the product twice a day, and avoid to use BB cream or any make up (it's clog your pore), i only use loose powder and lipstick for daily.

  20. Can the oil free cream be used for a Long time? Even when the face has cleared up, but is prone to periodical acne ?