Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The Janus Facial Imaging system is revolutionizing skin analysis. The Janus Facial Imaging system uses 3 different types of light exposure: Normal, Polarized, and Ultraviolet to take an in depth look at your skin on and beneath the surface.

Using the Janus System we are able to analyze your skin and how it has aged. The system uses 5 categories pores, wrinkles, spots, sebum, and phorphyrins (The body’s natural oils) and skin tone. The system compares your skin to results typically found by others in your age group. It then rates your skin condition based on people in your age group or previous pictures that have been taken in the imaging system.

The system also keeps track of your previous pictures and monitors your progress. Your photos are analyzed and stored in the system history and can be retrieved at anytime. The system is an amazing tool for looking at your skin and actually seeing it-not only on the surface but what is underneath.

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