Thursday, April 12, 2012

What is CL4?

Cosmeceutical Solution Laboratories for 4th skincare

Cosmeceutical Solution: A compound word for Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical, it means cosmetics that have been scientifically formulated with medically proven benefits.

Laboratories: In addition to peerless world class laboratories for conducting the latest research, this refers to the aim to lead the medical cosmetics field with unceasing research and development combined with professional ethics and the drive to be the best in the field.

4th Skincare: The 4-step skincare program unique to CLIV that systematically addresses and treats all aspects necessary for healthy skin.

CLIV is a special skin care system that addresses the fundamental and unique causes of skin problems in each skin type. It represents the cutting edge of medical aesthetic skin care, created with sophisticated technologies and the latest advances in medicine.

If you are looking for plant based skincare, to minimize allergy caused by chemicals, try switching to CLIV. Mediskin range is highly recommended for sensitive, eczema, postlaser. The Ultra Hydra Gel is especially recommended for patients undergoing hcg programme for weight loss as it is gel based and won't affect the hcg protocol.

Mediskin Facial Foam RM127
Ultra Hydra Gel RM185
Ultra Hydra Toner RM120
Ultra Hydra Cream RM182
Ultra Hydra Serum RM 188
(please add RM6 for postage)

Interested, please email to your fullname and address, transfer amount to Maybank account: 512352316338 (Em El Smarthealth Ent) and we'll send you the product in 2 working days. Thank you.

Warm regards,
Dr Lina

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